Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get more information on qualifications delivered by Hammond Institute?

You can contact Hammond Institute’s team to enquire about the qualifications we offer as well as the units of competencies that form part of each qualification. These qualifications are also listed on our website. Alternately, you can visit on

What are the fees/charges for doing a course and is there any funding?

Please refer to our section on Course Fees. For eligibility of government subsidised training, you can contact our team who will be happy to forward the relevant information to you after an assessment of your current eligibility status.  

How long will the training take?

Depending on your previous qualifications as well as life and work experience, we can recognise prior learning and also grant credit transfers which will impact on the time frame you can complete the training. Please talk to us if you want to inquire more about the training timeframes.

How can I find out information about upcoming courses?

Courses are ongoing and to find out further information you can contact the us on 03 9533 6504 or send us your online enquiry.

How I can make a Complaint or Appeal?

The Hammond Institute is committed to providing fair and transparent complaints and appeals process that includes access to an independent external body if necessary. If you have any complaint, please talk to us directly so we can address your concerns. You may also download the Complaints & Appeals Form from our website or request our team to send you a copy and send the completed form to us. We will endeavour to resolve your concerns as early as we possibly can. Please access the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure on our website for further information.

What is Hammond Institute refunds policy?

Government Funding – Skills First Program: Applicants who are eligible for government subsidised training must pay the agreed tuition fees within 14 days of the day of enrolment. If the applicants fail to make the payment within the agreed timeframe, Hammond  Institute has the right to cancel the enrolment. All the government subsidised fees funding are non-refundable.

Fee For Service: If you cancel your enrolment prior to 7 days before the commencement of a training program you will be entitled to a full refund of fees paid. Any cancellations of courses made less than 7 days prior to course commencement may incur a penalty. The amount retained (25%) by the Hammond Institute is required to cover the costs of staff and resources which will have already been committed based on the initial commitment to undertake the training.

Should you cancel your enrolment after a training program has commenced, you may not be entitled to a refund of fees. You may however be entitled to a statutory cooling off period under consumer protection laws. Where you purchased a text or training workbooks and subsequently cancel, the Hammond Institute will not refund monies for those resources. The full policy about Refunds or Returns is available on our website. It is important that you access it and inform yourself.


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