Course Fees

Each individual student will undergo an assessment to determine any eligible funding and will be supplied with essential information regarding the basic cost of the training and what that cost covers.

Hammond Institute would consider each case individually and inform each student before and at pre-training review of any additional costs related to the qualification that the student wants to undertake.

Course Fees 2018

Course NameCourse CodeScheduled HoursGovernment Funded Tuition Fee*Government Funded Concession Tuition Fee**Fee for Service
Early Childhood
Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and CareCHC30113888$2500 ($2.81 x 888)$500 ($0.56 x 888)$4000
Diploma of Early Childhood Education and CareCHC501131998$250 ($0.12 x 1998)$50 ($0.02 x 1998)$9500
Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)CHC33015715$100 ($ 0.14 x 715)$20 ($.02 x 715)$4000
Certificate IV in DisabilityCHC43115930$100 ($0.11 x 930)$20 ($0.02 x 930)$5000
Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)CHC33015715$100 ($.14 x 715)$20 ($0.03 x 715)$4000
Certificate IV in Ageing SupportCHC430151250$100 ($0.08 x 1250)$20 ($0.02 x 1250)$6500
Community Services
Diploma of Community ServicesCHC520151400$200 ($0.14 x 1400)$40 ($0.03 x 1400)$6500
Advanced Diploma of Community Sector ManagementCHC620151150$350 ($0.30 x 1150)$70 ($0.06 x 1150)$6500
Education Support
Certificate IV in Education SupportCHC40213790$100 ($0.12 x 790)$20 ($0.02 x 790)$4500
English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Course in EAL22259VIC440$100 ($0.23 x 440)$20 ($0.05 x 440)$2000
Certificate I in EAL (Access)22250VIC500$100 ($0.20 x 500)$20 ($0.04 x 500)$2000
Certificate II in EAL (Access)22251VIC505$100 ($0.20 x 505)$20 ($0.04 x 505)$2000
Certificate III in EAL (Further Study)22255VIC570$100 ($0.17 x 570)$20 ($0.03 x 570)$2000

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Other fees that are applicable during or after completion:

    • Class Transfer Fee: $100
    • Re-issue of Certificate: $100
    • Issue of First Aid Certificate*** : $20

Class Transfer Fee and Re-issue of Certificate fees does not apply to Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care course.

Student enrolling in Certificate IV level and below are eligible for concession who prior to the commencement of training, holds a current and valid:

  • Health Care Card issued by the Commonwealth;
  • Pensioner Concession Card; or
  • Veteran’s Gold Card; or
  • an alternative card or concession eligibility criterion approved by the Minister for the purposes of these Guidelines.

Under the Indigenous Completions Initiative, for enrolments in a course at any level the Training Provider must charge the concession fee to individuals who self-identify as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent (and are reported as such through the “Indigenous Student Identifier” field of the Student Statistical Report).

Study Material (optional)
Students will be given soft copy of learner resources. And text books are available in the classroom.
For Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care recommended books are The Early Childhood Educator for Certificate III (Walker, 2e) and The Early Childhood Educator for Diploma (Walker, 2e). Hard copy of the books can be purchased from Hammond Institute or McGraw-Hill Education for $205 (price is subject to change by vendors).

* To receive a Victorian Government subsidy you must meet the Skills First eligibility criteria and be able to provide evidence to support you meeting this criteria.
** If you are a Victorian Government subsidised student, you may be entitled to a concession on your tuition fee if you meet additional eligibility criteria. If you are studying in a Diploma or above qualification you are not eligible to have a concession applied to your tuition fees. Under the Indigenous Completions Initiative, Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander students pay only the concession tuition fee (20% of the tuition fee for the course) for government subsidised training at all qualification levels (including at Diploma and above).
These course fees are up to date at time of publication, but may be subject to change with regard to Victoria and Commonwealth funding.
*** Issue of First Aid Certificate fees only apply when First Aid unit is part of the your qualification. If students are paying full fees for the First Aid course then they don’t have to pay First Aid Certificate fees.